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This is my unofficial home page at I also have an official University home page (which is also available in Welsh - Tudalen yn Gymraeg). You can email me (in English) at the address given in the official page.

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Delivering Species Biodiversity Information on the Web
ILDIS - International Legume Database and Information Service Species 2000: Indexing the World’s Known Species ERMS - European Register of Marine Species
LITCHI - Logic-based Integration of Taxonomic Checklists with Heterogeneous Information BioCISE - Biological Collections Information Service for Europe SPICE for Species 2000

Projects for designing and building species checklists Institutions
Miscellaneous teaching and other notes

Areas of expertise

  • Software development for biological applications, databases, World-wide Web
  • Biodiversity computing
Most of my research activities revolve around the application of database, Web and programming techniques to enhance the usefulness of species diversity databases. I am particularly interested in methods for database linking, which relate to many of the projects listed above.

Southampton Civic Centre and visitor

About the author

I work in the School of Computer Science, Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, UK. More about Cardiff here soon (or not, as the case may be).

I used to work in the School of Biological Sciences, University of Southampton, Southampton, Hampshire, UK, and still have the status of a Visiting Researcher there. You can see from this picture of Southampton Civic Centre, taken by a webcam run by the BBC, that Southampton can be quite a dangerous place to live and work.

Here is my staff page which duplicates some of the information on this page.

Scientific interests:

I am a Director of ILDIS, working closely with its Coordinating Centre, and I am responsible for providing web access to the ILDIS World Database of Legumes through the LegumeWeb gateway. I am also Chairman of the Technical Subgroup (responsible to the Project Management Team) of the Species 2000 project to index all the world's species on the World-wide Web. I am a member of the Steering Committee of the European Register of Marine Species project, and Chairman of the Database Design Committee. I am also a member of the Database Design Group of the BioCISE project to provide an information service on European biological collections. Fordingbridge, Hampshire, UK

I live near the edge of the New Forest in a small town called Fordingbridge.


Other output

This list is very incomplete at the moment.

Other activities

This list is very incomplete at the moment.

Recent international conferences at which I have presented papers:

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