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Dr Richard J. White, School of Biological Sciences, University of Southampton

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Web sites

These are the web sites that I manage. They are located on various different user accounts on several machines. Note that those links starting with “file:///” are located on my own local machine, not one of our Web servers, and will not be accessible from other places. If you select them, your browser will look on your machine, where they probably will not be found.
Lysandra bellargus
Richard White file:///w:/richard/index.html
School of Biological Sciences file:///w:/sobs/index.html
Biodiversity & Ecology Division file:///w:/bed/index.html
Honours School of Biology file:///w:/biology/index.html
European Register of Marine Species file:///w:/erms/index.shtml
LITCHI Project file:///w:/litchi/index.html
ILDIS (International Legume Database and Information Service)
British Cactus and Succulent Society file:///w:/bcss/index.html