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Installing ssh

  1. Gain access to the four ssh RPMs (ssh, ssh-server, ssh-clients and ssh-extras). (This may require temporarily mounting a CD or an old partition containing these packages.)
  2. Install the RPMs:
    1. Change to the directory containing the packages
    2. Become root
    3. Issue
      rpm -ivh ssh-...rpm
      for each of the four files.
  3. Activate ssh:
    1. Put RSYNC_RSH=ssh into /etc/profile to allow rsync to use ssh.
    2. Either:
      • Reboot, in which case the sshd daemon will be started automatically, or
      • Start the sshd daemon:
        /etc/rc.d/init.d/sshd start
        in which case use of rsync will require the -e ssh option until the computer is rebooted and the environment variable exists.
        Stop being root.

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